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42 principles of Ma'at poster

Blurred-Queen Mother Imakhu's 42 Princip

Queen Mother Imakhu's has been leading her temple, Shenu Art and Yoga Sanctuary, in its various incarnations, since 1999. In honor of its twenty year anniversary, she has released her new poster of the temple's version of the 42 Principles of Ma'at. This version is exclusive to Shenu Temple because, based on Queen Mother Imakhu's research, it is color coded according to the Khametic perspective of the aritu (chakras).

The image is intentionally blurred here for protection, and comes clear. The aritu are already familiar to those who have Queen Mother's Tep Ra Renu Khametic Rune deck, and who have been her students for the last several years.

The poster is comprised of all of

Queen Mother Imakhu's own artwork, including the image of Ma'at, temple logos, aritu symbols, and layout. All rights reserved.

Queen Mother Imakhu in kes in fron of si

12x18 glossy poster, heavy grade. Allow up to 7 days for shipping. 

$35 (plus S&H in U.S.) 

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