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Queen Mother Imakhu's products and services to improve your life. Produced through her company AKERU MultiMedia. 

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Shenu Life Path Report


Empower & Enhance Your Life TODAY.

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Was $649,
NOW $300!


Many ancient civilizations were guided by the wisdom of the Cosmos. Ancient Egyptians were especially tuned in to the knowledge that we are part of nature, therefore, must work in concert with it to live successfully.

Queen Mother Imakhu prepares personal charts based on astrology based on the Khametic (Ancient Egyptian) horoscope.


What can having a Khametic Life Path Report do for you?

It can:


~ Provide deeper insights into your unique patterns and impulses based on knowing the ancient Khametic stories of each constellation


~ Help you know which spiritual guardians govern your life


~ Explain your gifts, and how to best utilize them


~ Help you see how to overcome challenges


~ Help you understand how to break negative tendencies and set new positive patterns


~ Help you accept your own personal value


~ Help you know how to draw abundance into your life


~ Give insights into your life path and career choices


~ Provide insights into your health


~ Give insights into relationships, and who SHOULD be in your circle

~ Charts are especially beneficial for newborns.

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To order Queen Mother Imakhu's Life Path Report, including chart,
20 page written report, Khametic Rune Insights, Numerology, Name analysis, plus one hour phone consultation with Queen Mother Imakhu (cost of $300 + tax), use the PayPal button below, then fill out the form. Takes two to three weeks to complete. Delivered to your email as an attachment. Call 646-228-1185 to set up your chart interpretation/consultation date. Expect report to take three w eeks to prepare. No refunds. If appointment is missed by client there is one rescheduling permitted. Have a notebook ready.

Heb Desher (Red Tabernacle): The Khametic Mami Wata Sisterhood Initiation System 

"HEB DESHER (RED TABERNACLE): The Khametic Mami Wata Sisterhood Initiation System" by Queen Mother Imakhu is based on her years of research and experience with the Khametic water spirit system and Bantu njuzu system. This multi-volume set is based on the various aspects and predynastic Khametic goddesses necessary for initiation into what we now know as Mami Wata. Using practical theology, Queen Mother Imakhu applies the principles of the ancient Khametic water guardians for valuable life lessons. Learn to overcome today's challenges. Find your way to joy.

Volume One: DJEBU (Restoration), focuses on healing from trauma, how trauma impacts upon women through every aspect of lives, and how to move forward in empowerment.

Topics include abuse, financial challenges, self-esteem, goal-setting, and more.  Includes remedies with Khametic yoga, meditation, rituals.  

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Iwa Mer-The Khametic Way of Water book cover by Queen Mother Imakhu.jpg

Water is a mirror. What is your reflection telling you about who you are right now?


Queen Mother Imakhu's newest book,

"Iwa Mer (The Khametic Water Path)" takes an honest approach to personal development based on the Ancient African Water spiritual lifestyle and traditions versus societal expectations. Find your own voice with the combination of proper guidance, critical thinking, ancient spiritual traditions, ethics, compassionate insight, appropriate self-discipline, and proper goal setting. Queen Mother Imakhu even encourages that finding a good therapist as a necessity for wellness in these times. Book includes Khametic yoga, prayers, positive affirmations, holy day calendar, much more to anchor your body, mind and soul. Remove the toxicity from your life. Get in the flow. Order your copy now. 


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SHENU Khametic Yoga Bible by Queen Mother Imakhu is the official documented guide to the SHENU Khametic Water Temple's yoga practice and lifestyle, founded by Queen Mother Imakhu. Based on Queen Mother Imakhu's extensive research, personal experience and regular practice, this is the most comprehensive Khametic yoga program to date. Poses, prayers, scriptures, terminology, much more.

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For devoted students and practitioners of Shenu Khametic faith. Tep Ra RENU is Queen Mother Imakhu's exclusive, personally created and designed spiritual consultation and motivational deck, based on her extensive research. Using the original Khametic correlations, which predated Elder Futhark rune symbols, Tep Ra Renu is a powerful teaching tool which brings ancestral wisdom and daily inspiration. (Tep Ra means Divine Oracle. RENU means "Many names.")  All of the art, layout, and logos are by Queen Mother Imakhu. This newly improved and updated deck also includes twenty-five wisdom cards, and the 14 Kau of Ra cards (39 cards in total). These cards are round, and easy to handle. Backside is of Renu Sanctuary's logo. For an exclusive time, the deck will come with a personal, instructional digital download video by Queen Mother Imakhu, explaining the cards, how they are used, giving insight into Khametic culture and beliefs, the meanings of the symbols, divination meanings, and the Elder Futhark rune correlations. Deck comes shrink-wrapped. (Expect approximately 2 weeks for delivery.)     

PRICE: $159

Cowrie Cards booklet cover-full-new-resi

Queen Mother Imakhu originally created her COWRIE CARDS Affirmation & Oracle deck in 2005. She recently revamped and updated the look and feel of the deck, and has a new instruction booklet to accompany it.

The deck is comprised of eighty-four cards, each containing messages that give direct insight into the querent's inquiry. "Self-care... Ritual... Success... Coolness required... Karma... Family... Betrayal... Initiation... Embrace your DESTINY..." These messages and more from COWRIE CARDS convey wisdom from your higher self, ancestors, and divine spiritual pantheon.

A sheared cowrie shell is required to determine if the card's meaning is upright or reversed (purchaser must get his/her own shell - not provided with deck set). Directions for cleansing the shell is included in the deck's instruction book.

These exclusive, beautiful cards are high grade plastic for durability. Smooth feel, easy use. $159 plus tax.

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