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The story of Igbo Landing is about a group of enslaved Africans who were stolen by ship from the Nigerian region, and brought to Georgia. The captives rebelled. According to the liberation story, upon landing, the Africans declared, "The Water Spirit brought us here, the Water Spirit will take us home." Defiantly, choosing death over enslavement, they walked into the water, trusting that their African god Chukwu would bring their spirits back to the Motherland.

Queen Mother Eyele Yetunde's one woman acoustic and multimedia stage show, "Water Brought Me Here," celebrates her rich experiences as a Northern-raised, Boomer Piscean child, whose mother was born in Snow Hill, North Carolina, and father in Spring Hill, South Carolina. Her dad's Gullah Geechee heritage, her maternal grandparents' fiercely independent spirit, and family ambition to forge successful lives up North in the turbulent 60's shaped Queen Mother's character, and fuel her colorful tales as witness to history.  Queen Mother also tells her personal, often painful journey to reclaiming African spirituality. Eyele weaves African-centered water folktales, songs, and proverbs into her personal narrative. A powerful edutainment showcase that informs and inspires. Page link given after payment.

Performance Length: 90 minutes with short intermissions. 



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