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Emergency Rent and Expenses

$6,000 goal


Peace & Blessings, Friends. This year has been extremely challenging. As an ordained minister since 1999, I'm generally optimistic, and have experienced miracles. But with the considerable health challenges and financial setbacks, I'm feeling at a low ebb. My mother's home was lost to tax debt. The contract for the Elementary after school organization I teach for was not picked up this fall. If our staff does return, it will be in November, and only once a week. I'm currently on unemployment, but it's less than half of my teaching salary. My lifestyle is frugal, but less than half is just not enough. I've had medical issues that are ongoing, and hospital bills that have piled up. Adult ministerial counseling clients owe me. And unfortunately, my husband is not in a position to help with any of my debt.

I have an immediate need to pay the balance of last month's rent and this month's by Friday, October 4th to avoid being locked out ($3,100). I also have urgent utility bills to cover while I undergo medical treatment.

It has been a blessing to serve our community locally and globally. I currently have an obligation to produce the upcoming, October 12th Newark Latino Fashion Show - a free community event, for which I receive no salary, and has been in the planning stages since last year. I cannot cancel it. But I do need to take a break to restore my health and finances when it is over.

Your help is deeply appreciated. I've been reluctant to ask for help on this scale, but I also know that there have been plenty of people in need who I have helped simply because they asked, and I was in a position to help meet their needs. Blessings to those of you who are able to be an angel to me at this crucial time.

Much Love,
Queen Mother Imakhu (aka Pastor Elaine Lloyd-Nazario)


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