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Your Wellness


Stress reduction is the biggest challenge that most people face. Bills, employment issues, relationships, time management, diet, abundance shortages, compromised ethics, low esteem,  depression, difficult living conditions, transportation troubles, physical/psychological/spiritual abuse... Stress is at the root of most wellness problems today. 

Queen Mother Imakhu, an abuse survivor who has faced lifelong health challenges, has improved her life through applied stress reduction, and increased conscientious living. In 2000 she gave up her car to reduce stress, and her carbon footprint. She walks, takes public transportation, or rides her bike, ordering a car only when necessary. Queen Mother has also changed her social "circle of influence" several times, saying farewell to the drama queens, the whiners and haters. Finally, she became more mindful of being in harmonious flow with Nature, her surroundings, and her life's purpose. As a motivational speaker, arts administrator and businesswoman, yoga instructor, and spiritual teacher, she has served a wide population of people seeking restoration of personal wellness.

Restore your well-being. You deserve it.

To book holistic wellness coaching sessions with Queen Mother Imakhu, including Shenu Yoga, goal setting & accountability, emotional check-in consultations, and Ancient Egyptian metaphysical healing techniques (chakra balancing, energy healing, aromatherapy, sound healing, mantras, chants, prayers), call 646-228-1185 to schedule your booking. Find a package that works for you. (Note: Booking a session or coaching bundle with Queen Mother Imakhu is not to be confused with seeking out the help of a physician, medical specialist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. Please seek the appropriate help, especially in case of an emergency. If you are in a life-threatening abusive situation, call 911 at once.)

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