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MOTIVATIONAL lectures, workshops, keynote addresses

Queen Mother Imakhu

Queen Mother Imakhu

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​Queen Mother Imakhu's quote, "YOU Have the Power!" has defined her philosophy, and her life.


Her motivational speaking and life coaching is an event you will never experience anywhere else. An energetic blend of inspirational storytelling, audience participation, Queen Mother shares how she took the power back in her own life - you can too.


Queen Mother Imakhu teaches people to build bridges of peace within, and in their communities. Ordained Interfaith Khametic Minister, Storyteller, author, entertainer, and multimedia host/producer... Using African-centered culture, yet striking a universal chord, Queen Mother brings a unique flavor to her popular, motivational lecture workshops. She shares honestly about her own vast life experiences as an artist, teacher, metaphysician, interfaith minister, counselor, and parent who has survived abuse, divorce, and severe health challenges. Her message is of understanding, overcoming, and living up to the best of yourself. Queen Mother is also founder/director of The Transformation Tag Team - a team of well known motivational speakers heard live on Facebook from 2017-18.


As a keynote speaker, Queen Mother Imakhu addresses topics that inspire personal and community healing.



~ Understanding Why Culture Matters

~ The Painful, Necessary Process of Reclaiming African Culture

~ Drums of Compassion: The Drum as a Universal Healer


~ Your Limitless Potential


~ The Power of YOUR Personal Story


~ Take the Risk! Your Renegade Reality


~ When No One Else Believes in You


~ Not Broken: Healing from Break Ups, Let Downs, and Down Falls 


~ Why Character Counts


~ Own Your Throne! Teaching Girls & Women to Reclaim Our Dignity


~ Raising an Intelligent, Happy Child


~ Life After 50: It DOES Get Better


~ Will the Elders Please Stand Up? Why Active Mentorship is Needed for Our Youth


~ Recognizing Abuse Before it Hits You In the Face


~ Building Peace Bridges with a Broken Hammer



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    QUEEN MOTHER IMAKHU              AT 646-228-1185

Queen Mother Imakhu's article, "Motivation through Art" HERE.

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