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Wear comfortable white clothing. Bring a water bottle, two white towels, a yoga mat, a pillow, a cushion to sit on, and a light blanket to wrap yourself in. Participants are asked to purchase a copy of Queen Mother Imakhu new book, "Khesu Duau Meni: Shenu Khametic Daily Prayers." Also bring a pen or pencil and notebook. You are invited to bring gentle shakers, sistrums, oceans drums, rainsticks. No large drums or tambourines. Come expecting to share your thoughts with your Sisters, but please be mindful of not taking time away from others. Also know that there will be designated times of silence and solitude for healing and setting intentions that must be respected by the group. Come in the spirit of honoring the stillness of the solstice in order to balance your soul. Be aware that Queen Mother Imakhu is known for non-invasive yoga, and does not touch participants, nor challenge them to go beyond their limits or comfort zones, as this is against the laws of Ma'at, and can be intimidating and insensitive - especially to abuse survivors.

If at any time during the session participants need to just sit without participating they are free to do so. This day of healing is personal. There is no pressure.


Please fill out the form below. Include your social media so you can be identified. State if you have any food allergies, or if you need to supply your own sustenance. The price cannot be altered because there are still time and location to be considered. No refunds. If you cannot make it please be kind enough to donate your slot to someone else who needs rejuvenation.

Blessed healing to all who join us on this one day journey.

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