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Dec. 21 - 23, 2018

Join Reina Madre Elaine Nazario (Pastor Elaine) for her  upcoming winter retreat, "Tchebu Nen: Winter Solstice Healing Retreat."

Provided through Shenu En Khu (Universal Circle of Light) Ministries (founded by Pastor Elaine Nazario).


Receive, restore, rebalance, renew. Prepare yourself to set 2019 goals and take in Winter Solstice blessings. Reina Madre, a.k.a. Pastor Elaine, guides you through Shenu Khametic yoga, meditation, healing sessions, art therapy, drumming, Khametic prayer & ritual. Enjoy delicious vegetarian/vegan meals, and warm fellowship. Time set aside for personal stillness and relaxation too.


Held at Murray Grove Retreat Center, Lanoka Harbor, NJ. Space for 20 people, first come first served.


Arrival time begins at 5pm. Departure on Sunday at 4pm.


Become harmonious (Maat) with Nature by becoming one with the winter season's power and grace. 


WiFi also provided.


NO alcoholic beverages or recreational drugs. No pets.  Adults only.


Cost: Adults - $375 + tax (meals, bed, and bedding included).

Due by Nov. 15, 2018.


Register at Google Docs form link. Fill out for every family member attending.

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