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Tep Ra Renu Wisdom Deck

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For devoted students and practitioners of Shenu Khametic faith. Tep Ra RENU is Queen Mother Imakhu's exclusive, personally created and designed spiritual consultation and motivational deck, based on her extensive research. Using the original Khametic correlations, which predated Elder Futhark rune symbols, Tep Ra Renu is a powerful teaching tool which brings ancestral wisdom and daily inspiration. (Tep Ra means Divine Oracle. RENU means "Many names.")  All of the art, layout, and logos are by Queen Mother Imakhu. This newly improved and updated deck also includes twenty-five wisdom cards, and the 14 Kau of Ra cards (39 cards in total). These cards are round, and easy to handle. Backside is of Renu Sanctuary's logo. For an exclusive time, the deck will come with a personal, instructional digital download video by Queen Mother Imakhu, explaining the cards, how they are used, giving insight into Khametic culture and beliefs, the meanings of the symbols, divination meanings, and the Elder Futhark rune correlations. Deck comes shrink-wrapped. (Expect approximately 2 weeks for delivery.)      PRICE: $159

" Based on my extensive research, I originally created and worked with this in stone version, and then deck version. I now present this for further education, and spiritual enlightenment. M Khu-t N Mer." - Queen Mother Imakhu


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