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"Sedjem en khat (Listen to the body)."  - Ancient Egyptian phrase

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Queen Mother Imakhu has been doing yoga since age twelve. Watching the pioneering public TV show "Lilias, Yoga & Me" taught her to regulate her emotions in a productive, healthy way. She also credits yoga for lessening the impact of lifelong asthma and epilepsy, and for eradicating her diabetes diagnosis in 2014.


As a Boomer who has had an active career as a dancer/choreographer, Queen Mother has learned to listen to her body, and to positively adjust in order to strengthen and maximize her health. As an ordained Interfaith minister and scholar who is initiated into the Ancient Egyptian (Khametic) mysteries, she found the correlations between Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, art, affirmations, breathing techniques, health practices, and the traditional Eastern yoga and Sanskrit. As a certified yoga instructor, Queen Mother has turned her research findings into a motivational health practice that speaks to and is impactful to everyone.

SHENU Restorative Yoga is consistent with the ancient philosophy of Ma'at - harmonious flow. Shenu Yoga emphasizes the need to listen to your own body. Competition is discouraged. "Don't worry what your neighbor is doing," Queen Mother encourages."Don't overstretch, stop if you feel dizzy or uncomfortable. It's about YOU." There is also respect for personal boundaries. No invasive touch, no instructor hovering over you to adjust your position. No overly ambitious moves like headstands, over-twisting, or extreme balancing. No body shaming. First half of the class is done from the chair (which is used as a support), second half is on the floor with the yoga mat. (Challenged populations use the chair throughout, using the chair as support both seated and standing.) Movements and breath flow harmoniously from one pose into the next as energy builds as a gently moving river, energizing the body, yet calming the mind. Also, aromatherapy, gemstone therapy, sound healing, herbalism, healthy diet (including veganism), "African" Feng Shui, meditation, and overall body/mind/soul wellness lessons are incorporated into Queen Mother's holistic teachings.

As a motivational speaker and metaphysician, Queen Mother also incorporates goal setting within the session. Each class ends with meditation. To arrange private group classes, one-on-one sessions, public group classes, retreats, and workshops, call 646-228-1185. To learn more about Shenu Yoga visit

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