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Drums of Compassion

03 - Ashe! (Ase!) - excerptQueen Mother Imakhu
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Queen Mother Imakhu playing drums, percussion, singing  all vocals in her song ASHE!  (Written & arranged by her.)

Queen Mother Imakhu teaches youth, women, adults, and senior citizens African/AfroLatinx drumming techniques, and that the indigenous drum is an instrument of peace and compassion.


Through her popular drumming circles, Imakhu takes beginner drummers to heights of achievement and satisfaction as they learn to work together to create good music. Youth also learn sharing, cooperation, and creative, yet structured music making. Additionally, they learn drumming cultural protocols, how a drum is made, and fun, percussive African songs and dances.


Drummers of all levels benefit in learning technique, enhanced musicality, and how to drop the ego in order to bring healing music to the community. Adult drummers also learn how to accompany dancers by working with them through community sensitivity.

~ Presented as 45 - 60 minute workshop.


~ Presented as a 45 minute performance assembly for schools, with extensive audience participation.


~ Presented as a residency. Length requested by venue. Fee determined by length of residency.

Call or text 646-228-1185.

"I met Queen Mother at Circle of Women International's retreat in Northern Vermont a few weekends back. Honestly, the few hours I spent with her literally changed my life! We sat in a classroom with our drums, as she told us stories of when the drummers were women. The tales of how women used to always be the ones with the drums, we just let the men 'borrow' them for awhile! A part of me woke up... I've always been drawn to the drum, but intimidated by them as well. The way she taught us basic rhythms, and guided us with praise and passion was incredible. By the time we were ready to drum by the fire outside, we already felt more confident. Sitting 'shotgun' with her, both of us playing the djembe, was one of the most empowering things Ive ever done. She taught me with very few words how to play along, how to lead, how to watch how the rhythms changed the dancers flow, etc. It was like a veil was lifted. We drummed hard for hours that night, and when I went to sleep, the rain drummed on the roof of my cabin. Ever since then, I've been drumming. I'm taking local classes now, and learning some ancient rhythms and the language of the drum. I look forward to sitting with Queen Mother again soon. She is passionate, she is talented, her drum skills are on point and her voice is incredible! What a gift! Blessings and thank you again ~*~"

- Kori Gelinas, Founder of Medicine Womyn’s Retreat

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