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Queen Mother Imakhu's products and services to improve your life. Produced through her company AKERU MultiMedia. 

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Water is a mirror. What is your reflection telling you about who you are right now?


Queen Mother Imakhu's newest book,

"Iwa Mer (The Khametic Water Path)" takes an honest approach to personal development based on the Ancient African Water spiritual lifestyle and traditions versus societal expectations. Find your own voice with the combination of proper guidance, critical thinking, ancient spiritual traditions, ethics, compassionate insight, appropriate self-discipline, and proper goal setting. Queen Mother Imakhu even encourages that finding a good therapist as a necessity for wellness in these times. Book includes Khametic yoga, prayers, positive affirmations, holy day calendar, much more to anchor your body, mind and soul. Remove the toxicity from your life. Get in the flow. Order your copy now. 


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SHENU Khametic Yoga Bible by Queen Mother Imakhu is the official documented guide to the SHENU Khametic Water Temple's yoga practice and lifestyle, founded by Queen Mother Imakhu. Based on Queen Mother Imakhu's extensive research, personal experience and regular practice, this is the most comprehensive Khametic yoga program to date. Poses, prayers, scriptures, terminology, much more.


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