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Meru Nedjem New Final book cover by Queen Mother Imakhu Elaine Lloyd.jpg

Queen Mother Imakhu's newest how-to book on rebuilding your life with the Ancient African Water spiritual lifestyle and traditions. Learn how Khametic water spirituality can bring harmonious flow to your life. Prayers, calendar, yoga, positive affirmations, much more to anchor your body, mind and soul. Order your copy now.

Cowrie Cards booklet cover-full-new-resi


From Queen Mother Imakhu's private collection. A rare original painting by African American artist Andrew Turner. His works are in the private collections of Woody Allen, Bill & Camille Cosby, Prince, the late Dr. Maya Angelou, Jill Scott. $50,000 (Fifty-Thousand dollars). For inquiries to add this piece to your collection, contact AKERU MultiMedia. 646-228-1185 Or purchase at PayPal button below. Call to confirm purchase and delivery details.

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