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Khamet in the classroom

Queen Mother Imakhu teaching for POPCORN

Queen Mother Imakhu teaching KHAMET IN THE CLASSROOM at Irvington Public Library for P.O.P.C.O.R.N. KIDZ youth education group.

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Queen Mother Imakhu Call 646-228-1185.
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KHAMET IN THE CLASSROOM (An 8 Session Zoom Workshop)

Queen Mother Imakhu, ordained Khametic minister, Queen Mother and Elder High Priestess, shares how what was popularly known as ancient Egypt was originally known as Khamet, or Tamera, and how this ancient civilization influenced the world. Students/audiences learn about:

~Musical Instruments of Ancient Khamet


~ Art


~Daily Life

~How Children Lived and Played

~Queen Mothers, Kings, and Other Rulers

~The Pyramids and other Beautiful Wonders

~ Ancient Egyptian Yoga 


Queen Mother keeps things moving along with her familiar high energy, humor, and grace. Lots of audience participation. Includes music and movement too! Students come away with a greater appreciation of how this ancient African civilization has positively impacted ancient and modern global cultures. An enriching experience for all ages.


Presented in the ZOOM classroom for schools, Homeschoolers, libraries, organizations. 

Also presented as a week long Elementary School residency with special art projects created each day.

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