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Cultural Art & Yoga Workshops

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Queen Mother Imakhu drumming at Beltaine 2009
Queen Mother Imakhu and Senebs son singing Itsy Bitsy Spider



True Urban Legends(TM)

"Renegade Storyteller"  Queen Mother Imakhu presents TRUE URBAN LEGENDS (TM), a fun, contemporary urban spin on classic fables, folktales, poems, and true human interest stories in urban life. TRUE URBAN LEGENDS is an engaging, interactive, and successful vehicle for connecting urban youth to the healing, artistic tradition of storytelling. Also ideal for adult rehabilitation and therapeutic settings. Queen Mother guides teachers and students use their creative juices as the group both individually and collectively craft a new story. Stories from Queen Mother's recorded TRUE URBAN LEGENDS series are currently heard on public radio stations around the world.


Storytelling Techniques For Public Speakers

Want to add memorable textures to your speeches and lectures? Learn the art of a well told, well timed, well selected story. Give the audience something to remember you by. Increase your marketability, stage command, self-confidence, and public speaking techniques in this master workshop by master storyteller and lecturer Queen Mother Imakhu.


The ART of Storytelling

Every culture has a tradition of storytelling. Learn the art of weaving a wonderful story and the artistry that goes into telling it from master storyteller Queen Mother Imakhu.


Power Poetry & Prose 

Powerful poet Queen Mother Imakhu teaches the art of poetry writing and recitation. Giving voice to one's thoughts, feelings, and insights through poetry is healthily empowering. Learn techniques, talking tips, poetic forms, and effective brainstorming to nurse conceptual themes. 


The ART of Spoken Word

Spoken Word has become a highly specialized art form. Learn the mastery of this theatrical form of poetry recitation. Writing techniques, vocal tips, uniqueness of expression, learning audiences, and more.




"Drums of Compassion" African, Afro-Latino Drumming

Learn the art of African and Caribbean drumming, percussion, and drum circle with Queen Mother Imakhu.

She has been a percussionist since age fifteen, and has taught drumming and led drum circles since the 90's. Learn technique, musicality, drum songs and rituals, history, protocols, and more. More details HERE.

Drumming for Special Education Groups

Students discover the basics of playing hand drums and percussion through tactile, visual, and auditory learning. More challenging classes offered to music students.


Mother Drum Healing

Women's Groups, Black & Latino Cultural Groups, and At-Risk Youth groups. Queen Mother Imakhu shares the history and application of the drum's original role as a healing tool. African shamanic drumming techniques, healing methods, spiritual and cultural history related to the significance of the African drum throughout diaspora and the world. 



Shenu Art Therapy

Shenu means full circle in the African Khametic language. Queen Mother Imakhu brings the full breadth of her career as an artist and arts educator to her specially designed motivational art program targeting at-risk youth and adults, and homeless populations. Classes focus on a specific, culturally themes visual art project (especially incorporating Outsider Art creative approaches). Classes also include performance art (drumming/percussion) and literary art (poetry). As an ordained Interfaith minister, Queen Mother Imakhu has always made herself available for supportive emotional guidance and coaching, recognizing that at-risk and homeless clients use art as a way to process, and often seek motivation and solace. Materials supplied. Clients leave with their take-away art, unless they choose to leave it for an on site art exhibition.


SHENU Khametic Yoga is Queen Mother Imakhu's  

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