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Earth My BodyQueen Mother Imakhu
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praises for queen mother imakhu

"Queen Mother Imakhu knows how to use the kinetic energy of Words, Sound, and Power to move a crowd.  She always has everyone on their feet dancing at the Annual Tribute To The Ancestors Of The Middle Passage." - Ras Osagyefo, Host & Co-Producer of TRIBUTE TO THE ANCESTORS, Brooklyn, NY

"Queen Mother Imakhu embraces both Tradition and Revolution." - Courtney Weber Hoover, Author, Activist, Spiritual Teacher, Celtic High Priestess, Portland, OR

"Deep. Spiritually integrated. A gift to us all. - Ukumbwa Sauti, Dagara Elder Initiate of Malidoma Some'

"Queen Mother has been a motivator as a teacher and artist to the P.O.P.C.O.R.N. Kidz. She inspires those around her to search for knowledge of themselves and their culture." - Sandra Hayward, Founder & Director of The P.O.P.C.O.R.N. KIDZ, Irvington, NJ

"This woman poured every ounce of herself into our community with her drumming, wisdom, and passion. Thank you for bringing all of your authentic self to us in humble service. We are Sisters." - ALisa Starkweather, Founder of The Red Tent Movement and Priestess Path, Massachusetts

"Power, Strength, Humility. Leader, Ancient Wisdom, Heart Frequency - your words resonate with me on that deep level. I feel the ripples of your words and energy within myself, my heart and deep soul." - Elizabeth LaBarca, Celtic High Priestess & Healer, Connecticut

"Authentic. A leader with ancient wisdom, living her Divine purpose." - Lizette Vargas, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach

"Visionary. Using your life wisdom infused with future thoughts, offering solutions." - Byrddey Byrd, Artist, Newark, NJ

"This wise woman brings her gift of thought with drums and tales of the world." - Stvjns Daugh, Co-Owner/Director of ETG Cafe, Staten Island, NY

"Queen Mother, you've got that magic!" - Abiodun Oyewole of The Last Poets

"Queen Mother's teaching for Sonic Explorations at Oakwood Avenue Community School in Orange, NJ is rooted in the deepest respect for her students' humanity and musicianship. Her mastery of making joyful music with young children is demonstrated each year by her success in guiding students towards a more fulfilled and peaceful version of themselves.” - Douglas Farrand, Sonic Explorations Program Coordinator and Teaching Artist

"Inclusive and concerned on the special needs of others! Thank you, Queen Mother Imakhu." - Raymond Jackson, former special needs yoga student of Queen Mother Imakhu

"At eighty years of age, I really enjoyed Queen Mother's private Gentle Yoga class in the park. It was challenging enough without being too much. She was sensitive to my skill level, and made it fun. I felt so good!" - Rose Salter, Newark, NJ

"Divine Healing... you were anointing everyone's foreheads with water. I remember you anointing my forehead with the water, and then lying down for the meditation and having this intense vision of unconditional love. It healed a lot of heart center trauma that day and I've never forgotten it." - Ilyssa Silfen, Feminist Writer & Activist, Staten Island, NY

"Queen Mother. And the love and guidance that entails." - Rev. Tamu Ngina, Spiritual Teacher & Interfaith Minister, Kutztown, PA

"Your women's drumming workshop invigorated and inspired our community. The drum & dance ceremony that followed was the best we have ever experienced. You made everyone feel included, no matter what their skill level. The Sisterhood dancing was what I had hoped for, and more. Thank you, Queen Mother, for breathing so much life, knowledge, and wisdom into our retreat weekend." - Lucia Camara, Healer and Spiritual Leader, Circle of Women International, Barre, MA

"Mother, strength, heart, integrity, compassion, leader, truth, priestess, holy, rhythm, heartbeat." - Hillary Parry Haggerty, Spiritual Counselor & Celtic High Priestess, Connecticut

"Embodying Ma'at in every aspect of your life." - Niankh Sekhmet, Owner of Ma'at Publishing, Anamosa, Iowa

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