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Shenu Khametic Prayer Book

~ 8 1/2 x 11" coil bound for easy page turning and holding during prayers

~ Color cover, black & white inside pages

~ 110 pages

~ Includes Shenu Khametic perspective of morning, mid-morning, noon, mid-afternoon, and evening prayers, prayers of comforts, affirmations, ancestral prayers, prayer postures, how to set up altars, chakra work, food blessings, and much more

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Queen Mother Imakhu's new book on Shenu Khametic daily prayer rituals. Full of never before seen info based on Queen Mother's exclusive research that will benefit and empower your life. Motivational, inspirational, educational. Explore new levels of personal peace and self-confidence while learning more about ancient Khametic culture, language, and lifestyles that are still relevant in today's world.

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