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Besu, portal traveler

Bes jar4.jpg
Bes jar3.jpg

Queen Mother Imakhu's Besu cups. Ancient Besu jars on the right.

Besu (Bes, Bisu), portal protector who was kept by Ancient Egyptian doors in homes to ward off evil, predates Eshu. Clay cups  of Besu were also used for nurturing children. Queen Mother Imakhu has resurrected the tradition of creating Besu as a consecrated household guardian. Her specially made, crafted, and consecrated Besu cups are sold for protection of the home.

Each Besu is uniquely different.

One per order.

Individually packed with care.

Each comes with plastic shot glass.

Do not drink directly from pottery.

Each piece is handmade by Queen Mother Imakhu

$70 each + tax, S+H
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