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Queen Mother Imakhu with prayer book and
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Life brings us all challenges. Sometimes it's good to get positive suggestions for direction from a trained counselor who brings a cultural perspective.


Queen Mother Imakhu, whose Cultural Life Coaching is the cornerstone of her teaching style, and wise counsel,  offers sound advice and motivation. Ancient wisdom for these modern times.  As a wife, mother, minister, elder, high priestess, teacher, and activist, Queen Mother's well rounded life has served well for providing down-to-earth wisdom and knowledge.


~ Call to schedule your appointment. Sessions are 30 minutes or 60 minutes. Make payment below, call 646-228-1185 to reach Queen Mother for your appointment.


~ Have notebook and pen when calling Queen Mother for your appointment. This is not a chat session, it is a consultation. Session begins when Queen Mother answers your call. Once session begins there is no cancellation. If appointment is cancelled, Queen Mother will send motivational lectures compensate the cost of the session. If the client misses the call, it may be rescheduled with no refund.  If client ends session prematurely, there is no refund. Any insulting, untoward and sexually inappropriate behavior from client is an automatic forfeit of refund.


~ Life is about choice and personal responsibility. Client decides if advice shared by Queen Mother Imakhu is to be utilized. Queen Mother Imakhu is not responsible for any choices you decide to make and take before, during, or after consultation. While oracle and its interpretation provides insight into the shaping factors of situations, including medical, mental, emotional, and legal, still: (1) Do not neglect seeing your physician in a medical situation. (2) If you have a diagnosed psychiatric condition, do not neglect seeing your psychiatrist or psychologist, do not stop taking your prescription medication. (3) Seek out a lawyer for legal counsel.


~ Do not call back seeking multiple answers to the same question.


~ "Be consistent in Maat in ALL that you do."  (- Khametic wisdom) Do not jump around from one counselor to another as though you are shopping for someone to tell you what you want to hear, or for your amusement. It is insulting to the counselor, to our ancestors, and to our African traditions.


~ If you wish to have further guidance explicitly regarding the Khametic path as a cultural life choice, ask about private instruction.

Fill in the form. Pay below. Call 646-228-1185 for scheduling.

30 Minute Consultation - $75

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60 Minute Consultation - $125

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