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Cowrie Cards Oracle


"I absolutely love the new and improved COWRIE CARDS oracle deck. They are so easy to use and look wonderful. The guide book that accompanies the cards makes it easy for even a novice to get accurate and insightful readings. I can now go to oracle without always needing the assistance of someone else." - Anokwale A., Towson, MD

Queen Mother Imakhu originally created her COWRIE CARDS Affirmation & Oracle deck in 2015. She recently revamped and updated the look and feel of the deck, and has a new instruction booklet to accompany it.

The deck is comprised of eighty-four cards, each containing messages that give direct insight into the querent's inquiry. "Self-care... Ritual... Success... Coolness required... Karma... Family... Betrayal... Initiation... Embrace your DESTINY..." These messages and more from COWRIE CARDS convey wisdom from your higher self, ancestors, and divine spiritual pantheon.

A sheared cowrie shell is required to determine if the card's meaning is upright or reversed (purchaser must get his/her own shell - not provided with deck set). Directions for cleansing the shell is included in the deck's instruction book.

These exclusive, beautiful cards are high grade plastic for durability. Smooth feel, easy use. $159 plus tax.

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