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¡Reciclar con Ritmo!
(Recycle with Rhythm)

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Queen Mother Imakhu has enjoyed an over forty-five year career as a professional  storyteller, vocalist, musician, African/Latin drummer and percussionist. She is a passionate arts educator, encouraging Black and Brown young people to understand and embrace their heritage. She has been equally as passionate about teaching all generations to find clever ways to mindfully protect our planet. 

During Hispanic Heritage Month, Queen Mother Imakhu, also known to her students as Reyna Madre, honors her own Afro-Latinx heritage by present her drumming/percussion workshop throughout Hispanic Heritage Month at festivals, schools, and special events. Participants will go home with their own instrument made from a wide variety of differently sized recycled containers. They will learn techniques for how to play, as well as cultural songs. Grown-ups are encouraged to participate with their children or grandchildren. Get ready for a fun, educational session with storytelling, movement, and relaxation.

Queen Mother Imakhu is the founder/director of Greater Essesx LatinX Art & Film Fest. She is happy to presenting AfroLatinx art and culture in various locations throughout the tri-state area.

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