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Storyteller, Poet, Vocalist 

Meet Queen Mother Imakhu (Promo w/Ashe!)Queen Mother Imakhu
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In Ancient Khametic (Ancient Egyptian) tradition, "Uhem-t" means Storyteller. Queen Mother Imakhu is known and respected as an Uhem-t Neb-t - Master Storyteller. Entertaining diverse audiences of all ages since age fifteen, Queen Mother provides an unforgettable, high energy, humorous, insightful performance. She truly is a master at her craft.

As a lifelong artist/activist, Queen Mother blesses the mic with tales of community conditions, cultural perspectives, and her own life experiences. She has been featured at poetry performance venues across the country.


Her recorded works from her published chapbook, "Renegade Voice from the Mythic Mosaic,"  have been heard on public radio stations across the globe.

Queen Mother remains a popular guest on podcasts and in person events. 

To book call or text 646-228-1185.

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