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In Ancient Khametic (Ancient Egyptian) tradition, "Uhem-t" means Storyteller. Imakhu is known and respected as an Uhem-t Neb-t - Master Storyteller. Entertaining diverse audiences of all ages since age fifteen, Mai Imakhu provides an unforgettable, high energy, humorous, insightful performance. She truly is a master at her craft.

As a lifelong artist/activist, Imakhu blesses the mic with tales of community conditions, cultural perspectives, and her own life experiences. She has been featured at poetry performance venues across the country. 

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Legendary poet Bob McNeil hosts Underground Books 2022 Poetry Showcase. Queen Mother Imakhu is a featured guest poet.

Dynamic poet and producer Ameerah Bilal produces the powerful "When Women Speak" poetry series. Queen Mother Mai Imakhu was invited to participate in the April 2022 edition. Her segment appears at 15:22 above.

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Renown and respected poet Dimitri Reyes asked 30 colleagues (including Queen Mother Imakhu) question: "What is Poetry?" and "Why is Poetry Important?"

Watch the videos below.