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Shenu Water Institute Classes

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"May your life be as clear as the pure waters of Khenemu." - Ancient Egyptian Proverb

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"Shenu" means "oval, circle, full circle, lake, introspection, cognitive thinking, cartouche, protection,  ancestors."

"Khametic/Kametic/Khemetic/Kemetic" are names referring to "Ancient Egyptian." "Kem" means "Black." Ancient Egypt was originally known as The Black Land. The teachings from The Black Land were as rich as the Nile River silt and the dark melanin of its inhabitants.

SHENU Khametic Waters Institute is a place of healing, restoration, and cultural education. Founded and led by Rev. Queen Mother Imakhu, SHENU's curriculum is based on teaching compassion, empowerment, morality, mysticism, and wisdom from the Khametic Water Spirituality perspective. This is the place where the most renown African Water Spirit/Mami Wata beliefs converge. The path is called, "Iwa Mer (The Khametic Way of Water)."

Lessons are geared toward:


1) Those who are seeking self-improvement, and a deeper personal spiritual practice through ancient African Water Spirituality.

2) Those who are dedicated caregivers, seeking deeper understanding of themselves as Priest/ess, Healer, Trusted Servant, and who need to learn how to set boundaries without losing themselves. Monitoring, supporting, and caring for loved ones can be challenging. Honor yourself for taking on the honorable caregiver role.


3) Those who are vulnerable, (Asperger's, epilepsy, ADHD, OCD, and other co-morbid neurological brain challenges, visual impairment issues), abuse survivors (domestic violence, religious abuse, employer bullying), elders, and those rebuilding their lives after trauma. These classes are uplifting, safe spaces. Oft times, vulnerable populations are discouraged from taking part in African Traditional Religions, or even becoming Priest/esses. Those who do are forced to hide their challenges based on public ignorance. SHENU does not believe in perpetuating those outmoded notions. 

4) Those who desire to become healers, ordained ministers and priestesses in this path. The path of the Water Healer requires not only knowledge, but a loving heart, an insightful mind, self-discipline, and willingness to serve your community. It's a calling.

5) Those who want to learn and practice the deepest, most informative Khametic Yoga teachings and mysteries. Also for those who wish to become ordained Khametic ministers/teachers. 

6) Those who wish to become initiated into Khametic Runes (Renu). Queen Mother Imakhu is known for "cracking the code," sharing the Hapi (Nile) Valley origins, meanings, mysticism, and use of the oracle system that was assumed to have European origins. 

Queen Mother Imakhu is known for her wealth of Khametic knowledge and wisdom. Based on the teachings of her elders, Queen Mother's classes, books, and motivational lessons are based on her daily research and experience. She has done a great deal to advance the modern-day, accessible practice of ancient African Khametic traditions. She is foremost in her expertise in Khametic Water Mysticism. Queen Mother Imakhu also incorporates her correlative knowledge of other African Traditional Religions, and Abrahamic philosophies. Queen Mother was diagnosed with epilepsy, Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, and OCD in her thirties. Today, at sixty-three, she is passionate about sharing her holistic and spiritual coping/healing methods. She has had a full teaching career as an arts educator specializing in working with At-Risk youth, differently-abled populations, and the learning challenged. Because she has faced personal victimization and prejudices based on her own health challenges, Queen Mother Imakhu has made public education about Disability Rights her mission. As a spiritual leader, scholar and teacher, Queen Mother Imakhu is an enstooled Khametic Queen Mother, an initiated Khametic double ankh carrying Elder High Priestess and Uas carrier, Shona/Ndebele nganga, Haitian Manbo, Rosicrucian, and ordained Interfaith minister and Earth Keeper. She has practiced yoga since age twelve and is a certified instructor. In spite of being an abuse survivor, Queen Mother Imakhu stands firm in her spiritual practice and daily research. She encourages fellow abuse survivors and PTSD victims to seek out a qualified therapist for consistent, extensive treatment to attain life changing results. She reminds everyone, "YOU have the power to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!"


If you are just seeking a title seeking for validation, or to grab some ready info to increase your online credibility, be warned that this is not the place for you. It is also not the place for people seeking brownie points to fulfill court ordered requirements for attaining child visitation, etc. If you have been or are an abuser, find a therapist in your locale. If you have an untreated psychiatric condition, go get treatment from a qualified physician. This is not the place for dodging proper care. If you are looking for an easy way to become an ankh carrying priest/ess, this is not for you. If you have extreme prejudices and intolerance against the vulnerable, do not apply. If you are a "know-it-all" hoping to show off what you know or think you know, please find another class. If you are hoping to spy, steal information, or intentionally disrupt the classes or learning process, don't bother. Truth is always revealed, and karma is real. 


SHENU Iritu Study (November 4, 2023  to May 25, 2024  / 12 - 1:30 pm ET)


"Rekh-i m ab-i" means, "I know myself/I know my heart." In SHENU Khametic Water spirituality, self-knowledge is best attained through applying chakra wisdom for honest character growth and life achievement. Learn how to find or restore balance in your life through the Sebau Iritu (Khametic Chakra Classes).This seven month class incorporates the Khametic language, understanding of the energy centers, meditation, yoga, beginner Khametic Rune studies, hekau (word of power/affirmations), and hesi (chanting). Students also learn about the corresponding Khametic spiritual guardians (Netcheru). This class is required for aspiring Priesthood initiates. It culminates in the first of three initiations. Open to all seeking spiritual and practical self-improvement by "Living the Culture."

Cost: $106 monthly, or discounted $700 annual one-time payment.

Call or text 646-228-1185.

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